Man charged for alleged threats to governor

A Valencia County man is behind bars after officials with the Governor’s Office said he threatened to kill Governor Susana Martinez. Officials said James Sanchez has made a number of threatening phone calls to the Governor’s Office.

Sanchez has been upset for a long time over some cows that have been roaming free on roads and on his property in Valencia County. New Mexico Livestock Board officials say Sanchez has also threatened Livestock Board staff over the wandering cow issue.

Officials said a number of months ago Sanchez threatened to harm staffers similar to what he did to people in Vietnam. A friend of his in Santa Fe said that Sanchez is a disabled Vietnam Veteran with PTSD.

A hearing is set for Friday to discuss whether Sanchez will be allowed to get out of jail or remain there until his trial. Authorities are pushing to keep Sanchez behind bars. Livestock Board officials said they, along with the Governor’s Office, tried to resolve the concerns Sanchez had with the cows, but said he was never satisfied.

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