Socorro Children’s Book Author Releases New Book

by Mountain Mail reporter John Larson

Jan Thomas, local writer of books for children, is excited about her latest book “Let’s Sing a Lullaby With the Brave Cowboy,” getting a multi-media treatment with music and narration by Mariam Funke and Doug Figgs.


Jan Thomas

Jan Thomas and several of her published children’s books.

The book was released in September by Beach Lane Books, and is her eleventh book in print.

Up until six years ago, Thomas thought of herself mostly as an illustrator. But that changed one afternoon in 2006.

“My son Sam was a reluctant reader, and we were sitting on the couch one day and I drew a story for him,” she said. “There was a writer’s conference in Albuquerque and I brought this little story along and an editor bought it right away.”

The story became the book “What Will Fat Cat Sit On,” published in 2007 by Harcourt Children’s Books.

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